Benefit from our community child care in Aberfoyle Park

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Families and primary care giving

Primary care giving describes a system of care where a secure emotional attachment is developed between child and adult in the child's life (their primary caregiver). This practice fosters a relationship of trust, safety and support to develop, and therefore the sharing of information between home and child care. We believe that this primary care giving practice to support a child's development and learning is a shared responsibility between family and childcare. That is why we feel it's important to create a close partnership between ourselves and families. We regularly share information about, and nurture, each child’s development in a circle of security where families feel comfortable, respected, supported and connected.


Because we have a strong focus on relationship development between children and educators at Aberfoyle Hub Community Children’s Centre, the program works well, in that it encourages and supports each child’s developing independence and self help skills, interaction, and builds a sense of growing competence. Educators are guided by children’s interests and ideas, and children's self esteem is enhanced. 

Our children are given a range of open-ended materials and carefully chosen non-biased and multicultural resources to stimulate and challenge them. The program aims to develop children's competency by giving them a chance to make choices and take new challenges on whilst in our care. It implements the Commonwealth Government’s nationally recognised Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

We pride ourselves on having wonderful natural outdoor play areas allowing children to investigate and connect with nature. We give them the opportunity to explore their environment with trusted carers and friends in toe.  We believe that children need to experience with all their five senses what nature has to offer.

Learning stories

Your knowledge of your child is vitally important to us, as are the stories and events in your family's life, and there is provision made for you to share these with us in written form. That is why we create a learning stories portfolio for each child recording the exciting investigations and discoveries that the children are involved in. In this way we hope to share with you and reflect on your child’s learning journey with us.

First aid

Our educators have Senior First Aid Qualifications in accordance with licensing requirements. Educators are also trained in Anaphalaxis Management, Child Safe Environments and in Food Safe Practices.


We believe in the magic of childhood and that children deserve respect, consideration and unconditional acceptance. The differences children bring to the community child care in Aberfoyle Park enrich each of us daily in some small or large way. Aberfoyle Hub Community Children's Centre's staff need to be open to learning from the children as well as helping them learn how to live a happy and healthy life.